Make your life, communications, finances and government, work as hard for you, as you do for them.

Eat it up, spit it out, face it all, stand tall and live life your way. It's the only way, the Arisen way.

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The  largest decentralized network of networks, in the world.

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Life Networks

Arisen is helping decentralize everything from healthcare, to food/produce. Explore Arisen's growing networks surrounding life itself, where innovation is taking place around our water systems, electricity grids, healthcare systems and of course, our food and produce.

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Communication Networks

Communications are important to our survival. Without them, in this day and age, we would surely be lost. Arisen opens up new Telecom networks, our all-new Web 3.0 framework and several new decentralized social media networks that pay users for their posts.

Utility Pages
Financial Networks

The financial companies and solutions we deal with everyday have made a habit of taking advantage of us, stealing and selling our information and at the very same time, not taking care of our most private information. Arisen's financial network of products are reimagining fintech.

A government that actually works for the people and real people work for it.

Arisen's decentralized governance comes ready with an election system specifically designed to keep elected officials within the ecosystem, doing what they should and a constitution that all the of the community must agree on and can amend anytime.

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Built On The Strongest Decentralized Foundation

Graphene-Based Blockchains

The blockchain-based portions of Arisen are completely based on Graphene. Currently, Arisen utilizes two blockchains, one for the entire Arisen network from aBank to aCommerce and another for dPay. Arisen is completely based on EOS and dPay is based on a Steem fork, that has been completely rebuilt and re-designed.

BIND-based dTLDs

A lot of decentralized domain name systems are based on blockchains, which result in a cost every single time a developer updates a domain's record. With Arisen's Web 3.0 dDNS (Distributed DNS), it is completely BIND-based and does not require a blockchain, which means updates cost absolutely nothing for developers.

Web 3.0
Blockchain-less Web 3.0 Core

Not all of the Arisen Web 3.0 components are based on blockchain. Like Arisen's dDNS systems, the core of Web 3.0 (dWeb), is not based on blockchain and actually works without blockchain. One social network from our aCommunity network dStatus, works completely without blockchain and utilizes blockchain-less components in order to function and can also never be removed from the internet.

Owned By Nobody
Completely Open & Owned By Nobody

Arisen is owned by nobody and was built by a team of initial developers and is now furthered by developers around the world and open to anyone to expand and code upon. Thanks to the .arisen domain, Arisen services can easily be launched on across Web 3.0. Thanks to dTLDs, blockchain components, distributed databases and P2P tech, Arisen can never be taken down or seized by any government.

A community of God-fearing freedom lovers.

Over the past year, as we built Arisen for the community, we learned the importance of getting rid of negative voices in the decentralization community and filling them with God-fearing freedom lovers. For this reason, Arisen is a fun and vibrant community, full of innovation and love.

Change your life & join God's growing decentralized army. Become A Member Of Arisen Church Arisen church is changing everything about decentralization, enabling projects like aVote and others, to freely create missions through our missionaries and church members to improve lives around the world and bring freedom to those who truly want it for themselves. It's God's vision and we're fighting for it. Join the revolution - we'll be here tomorrow.